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The Medical Bulletin of Sisli Etfal Hospital - Med Bull Sisli Etfal Hosp: 57 (3)
Volume: 57  Issue: 3 - 2023
1.Front Matter

Pages I - IX

2.Management of Thyroid Nodules
Mehmet Uludag, Mehmet Taner Unlu, Mehmet Kostek, Nurcihan Aygun, Ozan Caliskan, Alper Ozel, Adnan Isgor
PMID: 37900341  PMCID: PMC10600596  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.06992  Pages 287 - 304

3.Computed Tomography Findings Affecting the Decision of Sternotomy in Substernal Goiter
Ozlem Akinci, Sinan Aygan, Ercan Inci, Husnu Aydin, Ozan Akinci, Deniz Guzey, Ahmet Cem Dural
PMID: 37900343  PMCID: PMC10600595  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.25307  Pages 305 - 311

4.Predictive Factors Affecting the Development of Lateral Lymph Node Metastasis in Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Ozan Caliskan, Mehmet Taner Unlu, Ceylan Yanar, Mehmet Kostek, Nurcihan Aygun, Mehmet Uludag
PMID: 37900340  PMCID: PMC10600609  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.90235  Pages 312 - 319

5.Clinical and Laboratory Parameters for Differential Diagnosis of Necrotizing Faciitis and Cellulitis
Hasan Okmen, Nagehan Didem Sari, Kivilcim Ulusan, Abdurrahman Tunay, Ufuk Oguz Idiz
PMID: 37900338  PMCID: PMC10600610  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.09476  Pages 320 - 325

6.Can the Combination of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio and Platelet-to-Lymphocyte Ratio Predict the Mass Origin in Ovarian Masses?
Merve Aldikactioglu Talmac, Tolga Ciftpinar, Merve Sam Ozdemir, Aytul Hande Yardimci, Izel Gunay, Nilufer Cetinkaya Kocadal
PMID: 37900344  PMCID: PMC10600603  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.47529  Pages 326 - 331

7.Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with İdiopathic Hirsutism Compared to Patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Muhammed Masum Canat, Hazan Erhan, Ceren Yarkutay Turkkan, Dilek Canat, Alper Ozel, Feyza Yener Ozturk, Yuksel Altuntas
PMID: 37900345  PMCID: PMC10600605  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.15579  Pages 332 - 338

8.Comparison of Transrectal Ultrasonography-Guided Prostate Biopsies Analgesia’s; Rectal Lidocaine Gel Versus Sandwich Anesthesia (Transurethral Plus Trans Rectal Lidocaine Gel Administration): A Double-Blind, Randomized Controlled, Prospective Study
Nihat Turkmen, Cemil Kutsal, Semih Turk, Sinan Levent Kirecci, Abdullah Hizir Yavuzsan, Soner Guney
PMID: 37900339  PMCID: PMC10600600  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.33269  Pages 339 - 345

9.Surgical Delay Increases the Perioperative Blood Transfusion Rate in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
Yusuf Sahin, Mehmet Yilmaz, Enes Kilic, Ahmet Yaser Muslumanoglu
PMID: 37900342  PMCID: PMC10600608  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.63904  Pages 346 - 352

10.Investigation of Kidney Morphology and Somatotype Components in Early-Stage Kidney Patients
Hilal Er Ulubaba, Fahri Safa Cinarli, Rukiye Ciftci, Ozkan Ulutas
PMID: 37900334  PMCID: PMC10600599  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.08365  Pages 353 - 358

11.Retrospective Evaluation of the Results of Low-Dose Intravenous Thrombolytic Therapy in Acute Ischemic Stroke
Mustafa Cetiner, Neslihan Eskut, Gonul Akdag, Fatma Akkoyun Arikan, Merve Guler, Sibel Canbaz Kabay
PMID: 37900337  PMCID: PMC10600607  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.51437  Pages 359 - 366

12.Microvascular Dysfunction in COVID-19 Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome
Erol Kalender, Gunes Melike Dogan, Kudret Keskin, Serhat Sigirci, Mutlu Cagan Sumerkan, Ozgur Selim Ser, Omer Alyan
PMID: 37900331  PMCID: PMC10600601  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.92074  Pages 367 - 373

13.Naples Prognostic Score and Clinical Outcomes in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Patients
Emre Arugaslan, Suleyman Kalayci, Omac Tufekcioglu
PMID: 37900336  PMCID: PMC10600604  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.82783  Pages 374 - 379

14.Vascular Involvement in Behcet’s Disease: An Evaluation of 147 Cases and Literature Review
Ebru Atalar, Sukran Erten, Ismail Dogan, Hatice Ecem Konak
PMID: 37900329  PMCID: PMC10600606  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.89083  Pages 380 - 386

15.Is There a Relationship Between Epicardial Adipose Tissue, Inflammatory Markers and the Severity of COVID-19 Pneumonia?
Aslihan Calim, Ugur Yanic, Ahmet Mesrur Halefoglu, Ayda Damar, Cigdem Ersoy, Hatice Topcu, Abdulkadir Unsal
PMID: 37900326  PMCID: PMC10600611  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.99582  Pages 387 - 396

16.Etiological Evaluation in Children Referred to the Pediatric Cardiology Outpatient Clinic with Chest Pain
Muhammed Karabulut, Busra Kutlu, Mustafa Safa Kasim
PMID: 37900330  PMCID: PMC10600598  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.22316  Pages 397 - 402

17.Food Sensitivity in Children Diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis in the First 2 Years: How Many of These Patients Are Truly Allergic?
Sevgi Sipahi Cimen, Belgin Usta Guc, Lida Bulbul
PMID: 37900332  PMCID: PMC10600614  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.21298  Pages 403 - 409

18.Investigation of Deltoid Muscle Activation from Different Angles in Body Building Athletes
Ahmet Kurtoglu, Rukiye Ciftci, Bekir Car, Nurettin Konar
PMID: 37900328  PMCID: PMC10600597  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.09522  Pages 410 - 415

19.Bloodstream Infections Caused by Multidrug Resistant Bacteria: Clinical and Microbiological Features and Mortality
Zuhal Kalayci Cekin, Ahsen Oncul, Banu Bayraktar
PMID: 37900327  PMCID: PMC10600613  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.31697  Pages 416 - 425

20.The Cochlear Size Variations in Incomplete Partitions with Multiplanar Images on Pediatric Temporal Bone CT
Direnc Ozlem Aksoy, Emine Meltem, Yesim Karagoz, Melis Baykara Ulusan, Ozdes Mahmutoglu, Abdullah Soydan Mahmutoglu
PMID: 37900333  PMCID: PMC10600602  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.65725  Pages 426 - 433

21.Effects of Personal Protective Equipment on Speech Acoustics
Ahmet Mutlu, Serdal Celik, Mehmet Akif Kilic
PMID: 37900335  PMCID: PMC10600612  doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.22556  Pages 433 - 439

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