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Copyright Transferm Form

Sisli Etfal Hastanesi Tıp Bülteni/ The Medical Bulletin of Sisli Etfal Hospital, founded in 1966, is a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly in Istanbul, Turkey. The journal aims rapid publication of papers in all fields of the medical sciences on a regular basis. External peer review of all papers are completed within 4 weeks after submission of the manuscript, and accepted papers are published within 3 months. The journal publishes editorials, original papers of experimental and clinical research, reviews, case reports, letters to the editor and articles on the current issues of medicine. Medical Journal of Sisli Etfal Hastanesi Tıp Bülteni is distributed free of charge.

Editorial Policy
Submission is a representation that neither the manuscript nor its data have been previously published (except abstracts and press reports published in connection with scientific meetings) or are currently under consideration for publication.

Materials copied from other sources must be accompanied by a written statement from both author and publisher giving permission to Medical Journal of Sisli Etfal Hastanesi Tıp Bülteni for reproduction. It is the author's responsibility to ensure that permissions are obtained. The differences between the papers should be explained in detail.

Authorship Criteria
Sisli Etfal Hastanesi Tıp Bülteni / Medical Journal of Sisli Etfal Hastanesi Tıp Bülteni follows the authorship criteria developed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. All persons designated as authors should qualify for authorship, and all those who qualify should be listed. Each author should have participated sufficiently in the work to take public responsibility for appropriate portions of the content. One or more authors should take responsibility for the integrity of the work as a whole, from inception to published article.

Authorship credit should be based only on; (1) substantial contributions to conception and design, or acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data, (2) drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content, and (3) final approval of the version to be published. Conditions 1, 2, and 3 must all be met. Acquisition of funding, the collection of data, or general supervision of the research group, by themselves, do not justify authorship. All others who contributed to the work who are not listed as authors should be named in the acknowledgments, and their contribution should be described. Authorship of multicenter trials is attributed to a group. All members of the group who are named as authors should fully meet the above criteria for authorship. Group members who do not meet these criteria should be listed, with their permission, in the acknowledgments. Financial and material support should also be acknowledged.

After the submission of a manuscript, the corresponding author will be asked to fill in 'Copyright Transfer Form'. The corresponding author guarantees that all listed authors are responsible for the content of the manuscript, and that the final version of the manuscript has been approved by all authors.

Submission of Manuscripts
All manuscript submissions are encouraged to be submitted electronically to The Copyright Transfer Forms should be faxed to the stated number.

All correspondence will be sent to the first-named author unless otherwise specified. Corresponding author is expected to provide an e-mail address for all further correspondence. Papers should be accompanied by a cover letter indicating that the paper is intended for publication and specifying for which section of the Journal it is being submitted (i.e., original article, review article, or case report etc). Authors will be notified of the receipt of their paper and the number assigned to it. The number should be included in all further correspondence.

Authors should note, however, that manuscripts may be returned after initial review by the editorial office if the paper is deemed unlikely to be reviewed favorably by virtue of size restrictions and/or general interest for the readership. This rapid rejection process enables the author to promptly submit for publication elsewhere.

The language of the the journal is Turkish and US English. The Editors retain the customary right to style, and if necessary, shorten texts accepted for publication.

Process for Manuscript Submission
Manuscripts must be submitted to the web site ( following the instructions on the 'on-line submission' guide.

On the title page, include full names of authors, academic or professional affiliations, and complete address with phone and fax numbers of the corresponding author. Acknowledgements for personal and technical assistance should be indicated on the title page.

The abstract should be no longer than 500 words and structured as follows: objective, methods, results, and conclusions. Objective-the primary purpose of the article; Methods-data sources, design of the study, patients or participants, interventions, and main outcome measures; Results-key findings; Conclusions-including direct clinical applications future implications. Case reports should include unstructured abstracts.

3-10 key words should be included for indexing of all manuscripts. The sources of information to help on the selection of the keywords are Türkiye Bilim Terimleri and Index Medicus4 Medical Subject Headings - MeSH.

The text of original articles should be organized as Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. Original papers and reviews have no specific word limitation, but keep in mind that a short paper is more likely to be accepted. A case report must be strictly limited to 1500 words and have minimal figures, tables, and references. Letters to the Editor (maximum of 1000 words, including references; no tables or figures) will be considered if they include the notation "for publication." A letter must be signed by all of its authors. Letters critical of an article published in the journal must be received within 12 weeks.

References are numbered and listed by their order of appearance in text; the text citation is followed by the appropriate reference number in parentheses. References should be restricted to closely pertinent material. Accuracy of citation is the author's responsibility. References should conform exactly to the original spelling, accents, punctuation, etc. All references should be cited inside the text.

Type references in the style shown below. Abbreviations of journal names should conform to the style used in Index Medicus. If a journal is not indexed in Index Medicus, it should not be abbreviated.

1. Marshall RD, Stein DJ, Liebowitz MR, Yehuda R.; A pharmacotherapy algorithm in the treatment of PTSD. Psychiatric Annuals 1996; 26:217-226.

2. Philips SJ, Whisnant JP. Hypertension and Stroke. In: Laragh JH, Brenner BM (editors). Hypertension pathophisiology, diagnosis, and management. 2nd ed. New York: Raven Press, 1995: 465-478.

Tables and Figures
Tables should be double-spaced, no wider than 120 type-writer characters, including spaces, and no longer 70 lines. Tables should bear Arabic numerals and be typed on separate sheets of paper. Each table requires a title and should be numbered in the order of their mention in text.

Figures should be submitted as clear, glossy prints, and professionally drawn and numbered with Arabic numerals in order of their mention in text. Uncounted photographs on glossy paper should be provided.

Procedures involving experiments on human subjects should be in accord with the ethical standards of the Committee on Human Experimentation of the institution in which the experiments were done and/or in accord with the Helsinki Declaration of 1975 and 1983. In particular, authors must ensure that patient confidentiality is in no way breached, and that a statement of informed consent is made. Authors should not use patients' names, initials, or hospital numbers, especially in illustrative material. Permission to use patient's pictures and their informed consent must accompany such material. All human and animal studies must have been approved by the authors' local Institutional Review Board and an explicit statement must be provided in the methods section of the manuscript.

Financial Disclosure/Conflict of Interest
At the time of submission, each author must disclose any involvement, financial or otherwise, that might potentially bias their work. This information should be listed in the acknowledgements that appear at the end of the manuscript and noted in the authors' cover letter. Such relationships will be reviewed, and further clarification may be requested if deemed necessary by the editors or reviewers.

Review Process
The journal aims at rapid publication of the submitted manuscripts. Medical Journal of Sisli Etfal Hastanesi Tıp Bülteni promotes expert refereeing by peers as a tried and true method for the maintenance of standards of excellency in the scientific community. All papers are peer- reviewed to determine the originality, validity and importance of content and conclusions. Manuscripts will be reviewed by two external reviewers for content, originality, importance to the field, appropriateness of statistical analysis, and derivation of conclusions. In the case of discrepancies between peer reviewers, the manuscript would be sent to a third reviewer. All reviewers remain anonymous. Final decision regarding the acceptance of the submitted articles belong to editor-in-chief.

All reviews will be completed within one month of submission to the journal. Authors will be sent reviewers comments that are judged to be useful to them. In principle, the instructions, objections and requests made by the reviewers should be strictly followed. With revised form of manuscript, the authors should state clearly and precisely every step taken in accordance with the reviewers' requests. The description should be listed on a numbered basis, in the order of reviewers' comments. Altered paragraphs in the new version of the manuscript should be specified using page and paragraph numbers. Paragraph on top of a page is considered no 1, even if it does not begin on that page.

All manuscript submissions are encouraged to be submitted electronically to Along with revised form, the accepted paper in its final form also should be sent to MS-Word for Windows is preferred format for the manuscripts.

Medical Journal of Sisli Etfal Hastanesi Tıp Bülteni is an independent scientific journal, circulation 1000, and published quarterly. It is distributed free of charge.

Views expressed in the journal do not necessarily reflect sponsoring pharmaceutical companies' own published literature. A mention of a company in the journal is neither an offer nor solicitation.

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