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          VOLUME 51 / ISSUE 2

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1 - The prognostic importance of bilaterality in patients with papillary thyroid cancer

Kinyas Kartal, Evren Besler, Nurcihan Aygün, Ayhan Öz, Emre Bozdağ, Banu Yılmaz Özgüven, Bülent Çıtgez, Gürkan Yetkin, Mehmet Mihmanlı, Mehmet Uludağ

Objective: Despite the high frequency of bilateral disease in patients with papillary thyroid cancer (PTC), the importance of bilaterality in the prognosis of the disease is still unclear. In this study, we aimed to figure out the effects of bilaterality in the prognosis of the disease.

Material and Method: A total of 113 patients with PTC, who were treated in our clinic with total thyroidectomy between 2011 and 2014, were divided into three groups: Group 1, patients with unilateral disease with single focus; Group 2, patients with unilateral disease with multiple foci; Group 3, patients with bilateral disease with multiple foci.

Results: There was a statistically significant difference between the presence of bilateral disease, compared to unilateral disease, in terms of lymphovascular invasion (p=0.001), the diameter of the tumor (p=0.028), extra- thyroidal disease (p=0.012), T stage of the disease (p=0.042) and lymph node metastasis (p=0.001).

Conclusion: Patients with bilateral papillary thyroid cancer are more likely to have larger tumors, higher extra- thyroidal dissemination rates, advanced T stages, lymph node metastasis and more aggressive tumors when compared to unilateral disease. Due to these considerations, the surveillance of the patients with bilateral papillary thyroid disease should be done more carefully and effectively.

Keywords: Bilaterality, multifocality, papillary thyroid cancer, prognostic factor

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